Dear Parents-Sports is not just a “hobby”

No matter how modern and understanding your parents can be, when it comes to career options they would never suggest sports as an option. Most parents would say “Beta, become a doctor or engineer”, no parent would ever say “Beta, why don’t you try a career in football or hockey”, you want to know why they would never say that. It’s because pretty much everyone has branded sports as a hobby.

Relatives and their questions

Remember when you were in college, and your uncle or a relative visited you and asked you “So, what are studying? What are your hobbies?” and your mommy dearest would jump in to answer even before you could open your mouth- “She is studying, very studious, I’m sure she’ll become a chartered accountant and she loves playing football and she goes horse riding every now and then- that’s her hobby.” Sorry mommy, I never did become a chartered accountant and I never took football or horse riding seriously, because it was something that people would laugh at even if I mentioned it as a hobby. (Because I’m a girl and football is for boys!! Sexists! This topic is for another day)

Parents’ Gyan

Some of the things I have heard parents say about sports, things like- “why do you want to waste 4 or 5 years training for a sport, its waste of time and money.” Well, don’t you have to study 4 or 5 years to become a doctor or engineer and some don’t succeed and end up in a BPO answering calls or replying emails and having an unfulfilled life.

What about money?

Sports doesn’t pay well- that’s another branded quote stuck to sports. Let me tell you, my friend is an Indian hockey player and he has bought 2 houses and traveled the world playing hockey and he is only 24yrs old. It does pay well, but you will have to work hard just like any other profession.

Let me give you 5 reasons as to why Sports is a good career option. (Parents listen)

  1. Learn to be a good decision maker

Many adults don’t have this skill, they stumble and tumble when it comes to good decision making, but anyone who has ever been in any sport learns to make quick decisions. Working in groups and playing in a team nurtures decision-making process.

  1. Helps lead a healthy lifestyle

This is one of the important points, if you’re a sportsman/women, you will need to be in a good shape and that’s good for anyone actually. This doesn’t mean fit only physically, it also means mentally.

  1. Money

Well, let’s just take a normal BPO job, you might get a package of 7Lakh PA (if you’re lucky) out of which you blow half the monthly salary by partying and shopping and doing useless things. But, if you are passionate and work hard and win a hockey match for example- you get 30L from the govt and this is a fact (my friend got it, cricket players get more) and you also get respect. So if you’re working in a BPO, you have to work 5 years to get that amount. (7*5=35-tax=30L). So really parents?? Do the math.(No, seriously cause I’m no good at it)

  1. Never give up attitude.

One thing I love about sports, it helps you to be humble because you don’t really win every match or every game. It helps you to be a happy loser and teaches you to never give up. A sport teaches it’s okay to lose a match because there is always another match. If only everyone could be a happy loser.

  1. Endorphins

“When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.” I need not say more, people who exercise and play a sport are naturally happy.

So, Dear Indian parents, if you recognize a talent (in sports or anything else actually) in your kid, encourage your kid to pursue it and maybe you could be the first to say ““Beta, why don’t you try a career in football or hockey”.




Take my phone away!

Technology is a wonderful thing, or is it? Few years back, I was not interested in online shopping, I swore I would never end up like my friends who always ordered online. But, here I am in the liminal stage of being broke by online shopping. Bought three new books and a bag online because I couldn’t sleep. I have become one of those people who shops unwanted things (not books or bags, sometimes I order unwanted things). Guilty as charged.

If it was 2005 and I couldn’t sleep, I would have read a book or listened to music or even watched TV, but now my phone shows me all the things I would love to have, even gives me suggestion on what I should buy.

I can’t tell if I’m in charge of my phone or vise versa. Every time I’m bored or traveling or have a little free time, I end up browsing Facebook, Pinterest or reading online even though I have a book in my bag. I know I should stop if I’m over doing it, but once I see my Facebook friend, whom I have not spoken to in over 10 years, posting pictures of herself in “Paris”, then my crazy self takes control and wants to see every photo of this “friend” and soon I end up liking her pictures even though I don’t like it one bit.

Well, my point being, technology is causing more damage than we know. I miss the good old days when my bank account had good numbers and when there was no online shopping and I didn’t have to see photos of a person I hardly spoke to, pouting in front of Eiffel Tower, when I can’t even afford a trip to the super market.

The Daily Post- Liminal