Beautiful Pain

The weather was perfect, slightly sunny, and slightly windy. I was feeling absolutely wonderful, walking towards the French cafe I love so much. As I walked, I thought about how I was feeling in the morning. I pushed the thought away; I didn’t want to ruin a wonderful day.

I hadn’t felt this happy for a while now. But, deep down I knew that the happiness I felt was not for the perfect weather or the fact I was going to my favorite cafe. It was because I was going to meet him. It was always him, he made me feel safe, made me smile, made me happy.

I woke with a start; I turned to my right and got up. I always did that, turned to my right before sitting up. I had no idea why I did it, maybe just a habit. I walked over to the mirror (another habit), I saw myself and cringed. I hated my skin, my hair, my face. I was beautiful once, but I stopped taking care of myself and now I’m this- cracked skin, almost balding hairline and fat. I walked away from the mirror to drink water. I remembered I was dreaming just before I woke up, it was about him. It always is.

Today was bright and sunny, a day meant to be enjoyed outside- riding a bike, meeting friends for coffee and whatever you did, to enjoy the sun. I, on the other hand, hated the sun. So, today meant, stay in my apartment and read. I loved reading, books were special. I cling to books especially when I am low. Reading meant disappearing into another world, escaping the reality. It also kept me busy, if I was not busy, then I would break into a million pieces and I didn’t have any strength left to put myself back together.


Daily Prompt- Cling

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Clothes, food and reading!!

Three thing I am always satisfied with is, of course the title gave it away, clothes, food and reading. I always buy good clothes, it’s like I’m investing my money on something that will make me feel wonderful, so why not do a good job at it. I keep myself updated with the latest trends, but most of the time I don’t follow the trends. I always end up buying comfort clothing but super gorgeous. You can’t be satisfied if your feet hurt horribly because you’re wearing high heels or if you’re wearing something so uncomfortable that you need to visit the restroom every hour. Be comfortable is my motto in life.

Now coming to food, well we wouldn’t be alive without it. I’m more than satisfied with it, especially during festivals. The food gets yummier and I get fatter ( it doesn’t rhyme but it’s the truth). I’m pretty sure the daily post came up with this prompt because of Thanksgiving. Well, my appetite was fully sated this festival.

Well, reading fills me with excess joy. I love jumping into the world created by writers everywhere, I especially love reading stories on Wattpad (not that I don’t read real books, I have read Charles Dickinson’s books thank you very much-it was boring by the way, current favorite- Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell) because these are “wanna be writers” trying to write their stories for the first time and I love encouraging them because well, I’m also a “wanna be writer” and know the pain of people criticizing and demotivating with very article or story. That’s one of the reason why I’m always satisfied with my writing and with almost everything actually because maybe others wont be, but you can always be sated.

The Daily Post: Sated