Mr. Charming

****This is purely fictional****

“He is such a delightful person, how could you break up with him? I’m pretty sure you guys will get married, this is just a phase”, is what all my friends told me when I broke up with my boyfriend. But little did they know about the person behind the facade of delightfulness, little did they know about all the times I cried myself to sleep because of his words, little did they know that it was because of him that I started to believe I was not beautiful or talented.

It was only to my best friend I relieved all, about the time he commented harsh things about my body and about the time he said “I might love you today but not tomorrow” and about the all those days when he took me for granted and about the time he ignored me when I really needed him. There are many times he hurt me, but no one could see that because he had a craft. A craft of being charming, being funny and pretending to be the perfect boyfriend and all my friends loved him.

He was prince charming alright but only when we were in front of people, behind closed doors he wasn’t that lovely. He wasn’t the prince I had read about in fairytales. He was a grown ass man with issues, who refused to even acknowledge that he had issues. Instead, he spent his time being funny and being forgetful and being a rude boyfriend.

Nobody could see the pain that was magnified to a level that I couldn’t take it anymore. Nobody could see that I was hurting when Mr. Charming was ignoring me and winning everyone’s heart.  He was toxic, I hated him, yet I loved him. I couldn’t go a week without meeting him, but every time I met him I would get hurt. I never imagined that I would be the girl stuck in a relationship with a man who was torturing her. I lost sight of the person I was- I was a strong independent woman, who didn’t need Mr. Charming in her life. It was “The End” to the ugly fairytale chapter in my life.

So, now when my friends ask what my charming ex-boyfriend is doing, I smile and say “He’s using his craft on someone else.”




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