Wild and Free

Meeting strangers in a new city, partying with them and getting asked out by three extremely good looking guys, was something I thought happened only in movies or maybe to really beautiful women but apparently I was wrong because it happened to me.

I went on a soul-searching road trip and got my confidence back, which was lost when 2016 showed its ugly face. I had a horrible year but I’m not complaining because I’m happy about it. Whatever happened, taught me a lesson, made me stronger and led the way to this amazing road-trip, which put a little magic back in my life.

I wanted to go on a road trip for a long time now, but I had the “someday disease.”

“I’ll go on the trip someday”, “I’ll become a writer someday”, “I will do all of it some day.”

Someday was a day that was never gonna arrive, so one day (which is way better than someday) I just packed my bags and went on the road trip with a friend, which I had planned in my head a million times.

It was an experience I will never forget. I was low on confidence, energy and almost everything when I left for the trip, but as soon as I was on the road, everything changed. Nature has a way of putting your broken soul back together.

We went to Goa, Polalem beach and met a Spanish group of exotic boys and girls in the evening, who had put up a campfire on the beach. I had taken all my journals which was filled with so much negativity that I wanted to burn them and the opportunity arrived. So my friend asked them if we could join them and they said “yes!” We sat there till 2 AM burning all my journals (7 really fat books) and drinking with these amazing Spanish people. I was so drunk, I don’t even remember anyone’s name but we had such a good time, genuine conversations about love, life and universe, which I remember clearly.

The next day, when I was sober, I read.

I had packed my favourite novel “Wild by Cheryl Strayed” and did some pretty wild things as well but I’m gonna spare you with all the details of my trip because it will be really long and I’m planning to write about it in a separate post called “Goa Calling”.

So don’t wait for your “someday”, chose today.


Daily Prompt- Someday



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