Everyone talks about love as being this sweet and wonderful feeling that they get, when some boy/girl or family member they like a lot are sweet to them. It’s a feeling, but its a chaotic feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about love, I find beauty in a confused and disordered love affair. I mostly find simplicity in it. I know it sounds contradicting, so let me explain.

Love is the most simplest thing on earth, but we, the people complicate it so much that we often use the term “lost hope in love” or that “love does not exist for me anymore.” However, the truth is that everyone confuses the word love with “hurt”, especially when they go through a heartbreak. Your hurting because of a betrayal, death, or any other reason it may be, but not because you loved.

The feeling of love comes from within you and you connect this feeling to various things, like you boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, your hobbies or any other thing. But that’s where everything gets chaotic, you give someone else the power to control your feelings. You set expectations for your loved ones, they need to remember every anniversary and buy gifts or they need to know how you’re feeling without explanation or something else. When they don’t or if they forget, then blame love for it.

When people are happy, they connect love with “immense joy”; when they are sad they connect it to “awful” or any other horrible word. That’s the specialty of love though, it’s just one word, one emotion but connected to many emotions, it’s chaotic.

The Daily Post: Chaotic


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